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On The Go Investments.

An investment firm, offering a seamless service for commercial property deals, specializing in retail and alternative real estate in southern UK and London.

From sourcing the property, managing the investment, refurbishing the property from the inside out and providing the option to use us for ongoing management of the building. 


Our Services

On The Go Investments has established itself as a high quality service provider by providing our clients with a combination of quality workmanship and project management, we know the value of taking pride in everything we do. We are adaptable, agile and fast in our approach to new investments and opportunities. 

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Structural surveys • Structural design • Building regulation • Authority compliance • Planning advice • Planning applications and permissions • Landscape design.

On The Go Investments consists of three specialist companies, all leading operators in their respective fields. This allows us to provide you with a unique, full-funnel service for sourcing the most attractive commercial and residential investments in the UK.

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All encompassing real estate management of acquired properties.

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On the Go

Sourcing of undervalued residential and commercial real estate in southern UK and London.

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Refurbishing & converting properties, reacting and adapting to ongoing changes in the real estate market.

Together, they form a powerful working solution to the common challenges raised in the new normal. All being best in class, investors are provided with a seamless, all-encompassing service and guaranteed value-add Interested 


Business Model

De-risked   Acquisitions

Identifying & strategically targeting key markets and assets for acquisition. We carry out extensive due diligence and market research for identified assets.


We will prepare the asset for sale after the agreed time, appointing agents, carrying out viewings & negotiations.

Strategic Asset Management

We plan and implement repositioning, renovation and value-add works for the acquired assets. We will obtain all necessary planning approvals.


We will create profit for us and our partners, seeking an off-market exit after achieving the agreed target return of 20% IRR.

We offer a service that covers every aspect of both new-build construction or property renovation, for residential or commercial clients.


What's the difference between commercial and residential properties?

If you're thinking of investing in residential or commercial property, it's important to understand the difference between the two so you can make an informed decision. On The Go Investments can help you decide what is best for you. Essentially, a commercial property will house a business and a residential property will house people. 

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To understand the pros and cons of investing in residential or commercial real estate in London, please contact us for a free Consultation.



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