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On the Go Investments specialises in converting large spaces into food halls and markets that can be used by different vendors. After two very successful conversions of Medz Corner Kensington and Medz Market Powis Street we are now designing and constructing our latest project, Medz Corner Oxford Street.

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Location : Kensington high street  , W8

Medz Corner is an A1 retail space that was once a large clothing shop. After obtaining A3 planning permissions, our team converted the space into a 5300 sq.ft food court. This space includes a large seating area, perfect for groups to get together and enjoy the different cuisines on offer, with 10 unique restaurants to choose from!

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Upcoming Projects

An  A1 retail that used to be an accessories shop , we obtain A3 planning permissions and convert it into a 7000 sq.ft food court with sitting area along with 18 different restaurants that offered different kind of cuisine.

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